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WordCamp San Francisco 2012

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WordCamp SF 2012

Even though it took up a sacred Saturday, WordCamp San Francisco 2012 was an informative and fun event. The community around WordPress is filled with excitement with so many people gathered in one place that can talk “geek”. I have been attending WordCamps for a number of years now and they continue to amaze. Matt also gave one of the best State of the Word addresses and included his great slides which he attributed to a person that lives in Japan. I have tried to capture the day with my live blog tweeting notes and some pictures. This is my first attempt to integrate pictures on the spot. They were taken with my new Galaxy S III phone, uploaded to DropBox and then inserted into the post. I used WordPress Plugin “Live Blog Entries” to accomplish the tweets / posts. For your information I have not gone back and edited the blog notes.


Additional links of interest:

  • Most of the presentation slide decks are available on line and are listed on David Bisset website.
  • WPCandy Live Blog – This is the live blogging I strive to attain one day. It was this blog from last year conference, saw how they included images and thought I need to figure that out.


It looks like each session is 15 minutes long #wcsf. That could be a good thing.


10 Things to make your WordPress Website Faster with @chriscoyier #wcsf


Steve Souders is the web performance guy. #wcsf 80% of the time it takes a site to load is front end stuff 20% backend


#1 turn on http compression #wcsf GZip


go  to .htaccess file and add Gzip compression #wcsf WordPress Yoast SEO plugin also has it


2. Cache stuff #wcsf  server cache W3 total cache plugin


3. losslessly your images #wcsf


4. combine css and js files #wcsf


The cool Sheri Bigelow #wcsf Hidden Gens: Little known Facts about publishing with wordpress


wordpress is getting faster #wcsf comment moderation, upgrades post-slug-only permalinks, WP-Query …


Keyboard Shortcuts built into WordPress mouse over the editor buttons #wcsf See hot keys


Comment Shortcut keys for moderating your comments. #wcsf Auto embeds put the video right into the post and it will display now tweets are auto embed. Use the http address for entering the tweet.
You can rearrange your edit window move the widgets around.


Press This #wcsf Great for interacting with other things on the web and adding content into your site


Adding pagination into your site <—next page –/> #wcsf

Adding columns to your post for a gallery Use the column code.

Slugs will redirect automatically

Sheri says wordpress is making it easier for you to publish and write.


Header Images #wcsf adding directly from your media library. Add flexible widths and heights. new in 3.4.1


Customizer #wcsf do a live preview in the theme appearance to see what a theme redesign will look like before going live.


@designsimpy Colourlover backgrounds very cool in her presentations. Happy bright and cheery


That last post should have been @designsimply #wcsf color backgrounds check them out


Up next is BBPress which is forum plugin for WordPress, I really like #wcsf


John James Jacoby the master of bbPress. #wcsf  bbPress and BuddyPress can go together like peas in a pod


there is a converter for bbPress 1.0 to 2.0 #wcsf that is huge!  You should be able to covert your data over easily.


Turnkey way to start a community use bbPress before BuddyPress. #wcsf


Making Plugins Faster #wcsf only load the code you need,  run the code ou need and hook the actions


Use Core for plugins #wcsf  Wordpress is Feature rich, fast, compatible and maintained


Now we are getting geeky talking about benchmarking #wcsf running from command lines …


#wcsf XD Bug output for profiling something shows how long things have taken nice visuals


P3 plugin that shows how long your plugins are taking.#wcsf Oh boy this is a developer talk but good for all to know.


Matt Mullenweg is up next for State of the Word 11:00. He usually has good slides #wcsf


Obviously with all the media & size of websites speed is an issue #wcsf slides at Kurt Payne


State of the Word with @photomatt #wcsf


with Matt Mullenweg @photomatt


#wcsf New ability for people to put headers in the plugins in


Also ability to favorite plugins and later download. in #wcsf


Bringing plugins and themes to international communities #wcsf is the future


The customizer editing your blog while looking at it. Big change in WordPress #wcsf


What is next in WordPress  3.5 #wcsf the 2012 theme. Full retina support,


Upload multiple images simultaneously. 3.5 #wcsf


wordpress 3.5 will be available on 12/5. They will be on time. #wcsf


New is “Get Involved” button  the wordpress collaboration space will be within WP dashboard. #wcsf


Applause for many of the people that have gotten involved with WordPress. #wcsf From all over the world. Open Source opportunity


#wcsf Parity between .com and .org, introduced JetPack. Lot more features coming to it.

11.24, Mobile app Blogs | Follow #wcsf


Posting to tablets is the future and how we interact with the web #wcsf Developing for mobile platform


Web developers should start getting more involved with mobile #wcsf That may be a hint for me.


2012 WordPress Survey #wcsf 66% using wordpress as a CMS. Now they have more than just a blog.


WordPress on average small biz website cost is 00. Large business enterprise 00 #wcsf


WordPress has gone from Blog > CMS next is becoming an APP engine #wcsf


16.7% of top websites using WordPress up from 14% last year #wcsf


WordPress Challenges: Media, galleries, tagging, zooming #wcsf


WordPress Challenge: More timely releases #wcsf Like to have 3 releases a year.


WordPress Challenge: UI do a lot more testing. #wcsf How do people use the dashboard? Watch more reg. users using the site.


WordPress Challenge: Community Summit, bringing everyone together, particularly from international. Smart Iteration, Updates, Updates.


WordPress Challenge: Updates, it just all works. Much like Chrome.


One click upgrades from web hosts  will automatically upgrade WordPress if you opt in. #wcsf


This is the moon shot, real time editing. #wcsf Much like on Google Docs. Now big Applause State of Word ended.


VaultPress will help your WordPress site from getting hacked through backups. #wcsf


ooooh you can not control the Q & A’s. #wcsf


Back from a great Lunch at #wcsf first afternoon session Custom Post Type Relationships #wordpress


@randyhoyt works at treehouse presenting about relating Custom Post types with custom fields (wp_postmeta table)

Plugins that can do this are Plugin Pods and post to Posts 2 Posts plugin

Parent / Child relationship (post_parent column) – subordinate post type

WooCommerce creates separate variations for products.


Created a plugin “Subordinate post type helpers” to help create these post types. #wcsf  Slides at
the code is at


Next Session #wcsf Extendable Extensions w/ Michael Fields is a theme wrangle for Automattic
Plugin – wp core contributions widget , imports the code into your site for you to use and customize.

Portfolio Press by Devin Price, custom post type

  • Registered in theme
  • moved into a plugin
  • users can now switch to new themes
  • other themes can now add support

“Looking at plugins and themes as words that can form sentences”

The integration and separation at the same time. Plugins and themes work together. Playing well on the WordPress playground.




Next Zen of WordPress Development with Daniel Bachhuber from Portlandia (: #wcsf


Striving for elegant solutions. #wcsf Zen comes in when you think about the API fully

  • Be intimately aware of your environment
  • Know thy codebase, know the rules and how it opperates
    core files: formatting.php , post.php, rewrite.php, query.php, pluggable.php
  • Master the tools of the trade
    developer plugin: developed by automattic
    Debug Bar Cron – scheduled cron events
    User Switching
    Rewrite Rules Inspector – useful for debugging
  • Best practices are healthy ingredient for your code
  • Prefix everything
  • Commit wisely
  • Focus on choosing the proper hooks for your APIs


The State of Themes with @RyanImel from WPCandy Where we have come and where we are going with themes

At wordpress there is a  theme review team WPTRT.


Premium Themes are themes you can buy also known at commercial themes. #wcsf Started with magazine style themes.


Customising your themes with Customizer in WordPress, Options Framework Plugin #wcsf


Next #wcsf session is  The Business of Code with adii pienaar co-founder of my favorite WooThemes.


Building a business around WordPress 8 lessons from @adii
Fusion between Entrepreneurship and development

  • Learn to speak “geek”, learning to speak to these people
  • Open – source economics, There’s no such thing as fast money or making easy money with WordPress
  • Only clean code scales. Feature Bloat = live young, die hard.
    just adding features is not the way to go.
  • Users pay for support and service. Technology and code are bonuses . Great technology and great code and supporting all of this. woo themes is great with support and service.
  • Understand the ecosystem. The “community” is small in comparison. The WP ecosystem is larger and very diverse.
  • Freemium is a distribution channel only. You need a real revenue model. Releasing a free theme is great but does not make us money. Converting free to paying is not a business model.
  • Core Contributions are Special. Making core contributions is #warmfuzzies.
  • Be a good ambassador. Stick to native code and UI Conventions. As a designer stick to doing things as natively as possible.


Theme Foundry developed the 2012 theme coming out with WordPress 3.5 #wcsf


How to design a wordpress default theme #wcsf

  • Sketch first and share ideas
  • Look at the work that has been done before.
  • Make it look like a website tool or CMS not a blog
  • Use a grid for designing, consistency and rhythm
  • Use few colors and texture.
  • Use the theme customizer, build in support
  • Make sure the theme looks good on all devices
  • Use percentage base widths. So that your design will scale.
  • Use the rem (root em) unit. Set one value at the top of your style sheet and reference it throughout your theme. Will also need to use a pixel fall back
  • Use CSS3 gradients instead of images
  • Use Web fonts –
  • Pre Processing, Sass is for style sheets. Free open source tool called Forge
  • Get help from the wordpress community – link to check out demo of the theme


Designing for the future web. #wcsf Mobile devices will surpass desktop by 2015. The mobile web will become the majority


The mobile web is what we should be designing for. #wcsf It is not an after thought. Ultimately need to design for our content.
starting to take a mobile first approach.
Flexible grids / media and images are adaptive.
Retina is changing everything. Another thing we cannot avoid anymore.


Retina Display is changing everything and adding a lot more pixels to a tiny screen mobile  #wcsf


A good ratio of Speed vs. Awesomeness. 2G is the new dial up. #wcsf


OMG now we need to think about designing for retina display. #wcsf  How do your images look on retina … ?
Retina retina.js, plugin WP Retina 2x
Retinafy your websites & apps by Thomas Fuchs an ebook #wcsf


“How to Building an Audience as a Writer” Leo Babauta is a writer. #wcsf Started blog In one year built up to 26,000 readers.


Leo has no slides. First presenter without slides. Kind of nice. #wcsf


“Most stuff you read on line for bloggers and writers is mostly bullshit” #wcsf

  • mountain of bullshit – don’t need to be in big city to do well. Basically just wrote.
  • As a writer you don’t need to learn marketing, learn how to serve your audience. Create something so amazing people will do your marketing for you. People forwarded it for you.
  • popups they are annoying and disrespectful to the reader. What you want them to read is your content.
  • Mailing list – does not have one. Doesn’t believe in SEO
  • Social media does not do it
  • Ads, you don’t need them.
  • Put your readers first and great content. Ask why would a reader want to come to my site.
  • Great content is content that solves the readers problem. Figure out how to solve their problem.
  • Figure out what your differences are. People are craving simplicity. What sets you apart from everyone else
  • Monetize your content through ebooks, courses …


closing speaker today Pete Davies How to run a small country…using the P2 theme #wcsf

18.00 P2 theme, check it out download it. Great for team work and collaboration. #wcsf


closing remarks “the end” #wcsf

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