Mar 15 2010

What I Learned From Hashtags About SMX West, The Search Marketing Conference

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SMX West, the search marketing conference and expo was held in Santa Clara, California the beginning of March 2010. I usually attend this enlightening conference  but this year was an exception and  could not make it. Luckily today with live blogging and social media sites like twitter, it is easy to stay informed on issues that are important to an industry.  Twitter is one of my favorite platforms, I like it better than facebook, for many reasons. If you search a specific hashtag on twitter, you will see all the streams about a particular subject.  Hashtags on each twitter post creates groupings of twitters and the best hashtag for SMX west is #smx. I can also follow all the upcoming conferences. I use TweetDeck to receive my tweets and group the searches or hashtags, I am interested in following. For example another search that I follow relilgiously is #joomla, I learn about all the new and interesting developments that are going on with joomla, stay connected with developers and  I am  able to join in on the conversations.

Reading through all the #smx twitters, I found this valuable recap and special newsletter by Bruce Clay , one of the training guru’s for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and has time tested tools, if you have not heard about him check out his website. I thought his recap did a good job of summarizing the areas with the most valuable information.

Since I liked it so much I recapped his recap for you;  highlighting  some important points and sprinkled a few of my own comments throughout:

Tips to get better organic Sitelinks:

  • create a site that is well-structured and easy for users to navigate;
  • use meaningful page Titles (make sure your page titles are not duplicated throughout the site);
  • pay attention to anchor text throughout your site;
  • avoid boilerplate and repeated text;
  • consider headers and other content on each page.The less links on a page means those links are more valuable.

The Need For Speed!
Google Says It Matters so pay attention to KPI’s (key performance indicators in your analytics) that shed light on page speed bottlenecks, such as visits, page views, bounce rate and time on site. Bounce rate and time on site are some of the big ones that I keep track of.

Three steps to a faster site:

Get to know and understand sites like Urbanspoon and and Google Goggles, search by taking a picture. Visual Search technology. It’s visual, watch this:

Added thought, everthing is coming up mobile! Learn more about mobile search

When reviewing your analytics reports for organic search, worry about 3 things:

  • opportunity;
  • competition;
  • attribution

Opportunity and competition are about improving rankings on terms you want.
Attribution shows evidence that what you’re doing works.

I think this next point is often overlooked today and misunderstood by many. It is a big issue and I cannot stress the importance of this enough:

Proactive reputation management is engaging with an audience in positive ways before a crisis so that the business will be in a secure position if and when a rep management situation arises.

I am planning to be at SMX Advanced in June, I will have more good stuff for you then.

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