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15 Successful Years Designing Websites and Search Marketing


Website Design toniCarr

Website Design Professionals In Marin County Serving The San Francisco Bay Area

toniCarr is an expert in website design, maintenance and redesign. With more than 15 years of experience we have developed search engine friendly websites tailored to individual business needs. We do not believe in cookie cutter style websites.  Each project begins with an exploratory process so that we can better understand your business and the competition.

Website Design, Re-design and Long Term Internet Goals

With all the different options for building a website, we work hard to fit the right platform with the long term goals for the site. This may include, blogging, social media,  eCommerce, forums or any number of the exciting applications that are available. From start to finish toniCarr makes sure that you understand exactly how your website works and the programming that will go into it.

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

toniCarr is certified in Search Engine Optimization and continues to attend annual conferences and workshops to stay up on all the changes for internet marketing. Why have a website if you can’t be found? We like to think of ourselves as a part of your business team and will guide you to choose the right content, keywords and social marketing for your website.

Today it is not unusual to find  businesses paying for Search Engine Advertising for specific keywords due to the fierce competition. Our sites are developed with the search engines in mind and if you already have a website, we can help you tune it up so that it will reach your targeted customer and improve your chances to be found.

toniCarr is a unique shop based in Marin County, California with personalized service to help businesses build a productive website.  Working together to unleash new business opportunities through internet target marketing.

Social Media Integration and Search

Search and Social are now becoming one. The search engines are looking for social cues when it comes to rankings.  Engagement is an important part of social media and busnesses can no longer ignore this.   Your business should have a social media strategy.  You can integrate social media into your website. Let us help you build and maintain your social network.

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